Video Based Quizzes

The End of Passive Viewing!


Vizia logoVideo-Based Quizzes can really make a difference when it comes to developing content for blended learning. Even in student facing environments cross-linking “flipped classroom” with “in-class” and “extended classroom” activities can really add value in enhancing learning and teaching in H.E settings.

Vizia allows users to import a video from YouTube or Wistia and then integrate questions directly on the timeline of the video.

Users can add a quiz that comes in the form of a multiple choice question, a Poll, a short answer/open ended question that contains an element of self-assessment as well as a “call to action” point that re-directs viewers in another webpage that could contain more content.

A Preview button will allow you to make sure that you are satisfied with your video quiz before sending out the link to your students via an email. Embedding in your video-quizzes in Weblearn is super easy and all answers can be collected in a downloadable Google spreadsheet. Opting in for “Gated Video-Quizzes” will result in adding an extra layer of security in your content as every user will be prompted to provide a name and an email before taking the video quiz. You can always chose to download a CSV file so you can incorporate the quiz data in your Grade Centre. 

Embedding video quizzes in Weblearn is a pretty straightforward procedure that will only take a minute or so. Just copy the embed html code and paste it in your Weblearn Tex editor (in the HTML tab). This will then create an “inviting” thumbnail for your students that will prompt them to take the video quiz.

Prompting users to add their names and emailsAs discussed earlier, gated quizzes prompt users to enter their name/surname and email. Besides adding that extra layer of security, this function will also enable you to mark student attempts. This is particularly useful in open-ended questions.

Vizia can be great for creating Concept Checking Questions (CCQs) that check student understanding on a subject, your lecture recording or even a YouTube video that is designed to “activate schemata” (background knowledge) on your lectures’ topic. Vizia is an excellent way to elicit student ideas on a topic during a pre-class warm-up activity. The only thing that you need to do is to find a relevant YouTube video (i.e TedX) and add a few questions, collect the answers and then share/discuss these in class. Having said this, you can always create your own video (either a “talking heads” short instructional video or a “screencast” that contains a PPT with a voice over) and then add a few questions.

Vizia interactive quiz

Perhaps one of the best functions that educators have found to add immense value to their teaching is the “call to action” button that prompts students to “dig further” and develop their understanding on a topic.

Call to action button

Once all of the responses are in a Google Spreadsheet, you can then use the Flubaroo Add-on which is another free application to grade the responses to your quiz directly in your Google sheet.

Watch this short 3-minute video on using Flubaroo.

If you want to see how this works in reality, please take this short video-quiz on using Zotero to improve your referencing style.



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