Student Project: Learning Technology videos.

Photo of students performing and filming in the Learning Centre.

Behind the scenes of the instructional video shoot.

As well as providing insights in the student experience of Weblearn (as detailed in this post), London Met placement students on work-related learning modules have also been engaged in creating instructional videos for their peers in liaison with ITS staff.

Photo of students referring to scriptSeveral students from courses in Digital Media, Media and Communications and Film & TV Studies were tasked with identifying one aspect of Learning Technology which they found to be beneficial or problematic. They were then asked to devise a narrative film in which this technology was explained. Working in teams, they developed storyboards for approval; recruited actors to perform in the films; scheduled and sought permission to film across campus; and then shot and edited the short films, combining the footage with graphics as applicable.

Photo of student operating a camcorderTwo teams were involved: the first team elected to demonstrate how to to add credit to the users print account in order to use the printers. The second group chose to highlight the advantages of using the Chromebooks for collaborative work around campus. The key objective of each film was to place the students at the centre of the film.

The students were admirably professional throughout the process. The films were surprisingly accomplished, showing a flair for visual storytelling. The films can be seen below. Please click on the image or the title to view the video in a new window:

Link to Chromebook video

Chromebooks Explainer – Student Video.

Short film made by students to explain the Chromebooks.
Producer: Kenza Mir
Director: Stephanie Onyegbu
Videographer: Sharon Suhrbier
Animation: Andrejs Gavrilkins
Editing and sound: Kenza Mir


Link to Printing videoPrinting Explainer -Student video

Short film made by students to explain Printer Credits.
Actor: Sol Angelucci
Produced by: Jose Carmona, Lakhbir Tari and Cecilia Tasso


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