Nureva Span: using the collaboration software with students

Psychology lecturers from London Met made use of Nureva Span, London Met’s new collaboration software, in their first lecture with new students.

First year students took part in a ‘Treasure Hunt’ that exploited the real-time, media-rich, collaborative nature of the software’s collaborative canvases. To orientate themselves to the campus, the student teams were tasked with locating their scheduled teaching rooms, and capturing photographic evidence. Each Nureva Span canvas has a ‘Quick-share’ feature which allows participants to easily send a note or photo from their phones. On locating each room, the teams used QuickShare to post their selfies immediately to the shared canvas.

Photo of students taking group selfies across campus

This team share their photos using the Quick-share feature of Nureva Span.

Screengrab of the photos appearing on the canvas

The photos from across the campus appear immediately on the canvas

The student teams returned to their lecture room to learn which team was victorious. Their lecturers had organised their photos into groups on the canvas to assist with the judging.

Phot of students looking at projected canvas

The students return to the lecture to view the canvas together

Notes, photos and other items can be easily repositioned or grouped by drag-and-drop. This makes the canvases ideally suited to large display touch-screens, although they can be accessed and manipulate via a browser on any device.
For the optimal experience, the Ideation room in Roding building is equipped with dedicated Nureva projectors and touch-sensitive display surfaces. In this room, your canvas spans a 10-metre wall for a truly immersive and interactive session.

Photo of people viewing a canvas in the Ideation room

The Ideation Room in Roding Building is ideal for large scale canvases.

Canvases can be prepared at your desk using a standard browser. Students can contribute to the canvas before, during or after a lecture from any location. Alternatively, lectures can begin with a blank canvas, allowing the students to construct new knowledge by actively contributing and organising ideas.

As well as incorporating notes and photos, canvases can include hyperlinks, sketches or large text blocks. You can even share an application window or your entire screen for other users to see what you are working on elsewhere.

If you want to find out how you could use the Nureva Span canvases with your students please contact


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