V-L-Easy! Day 3 – Ally

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As part of the countdown to the festive season, the VLE team and CPED team are sharing their ideas for simple tools or techniques that can make life easier for lecturers and their students. Each day, we are posting a blog entry with some brief tips for lecturers together with links to further information including video guides or web-based resources.Yesterday, we showed how ‘Collaborate’ can be used for virtual meetings or classes. Today, we focus on another tool that is already integrated directly into Weblearn, but which may be under your radar.


Ally is an accessibility tool that enables barrier-free learning for all students not just those with recognised additional needs. Ally provides students with more opportunities to engage through being able to download additional alternative accessible versions of Weblearn course documents.

Students can learn on the go by listening to an audio version of a course document on the bus on the way home, or by viewing a Weblearn document in an eBook format which will optimize text according to your device. Ally will also scale text or adjust contrast to suit your reading preferences. Content can also be accessed in conjunction with screen readers and other assistive technologies. Students can open accessible versions of the original document by clicking on a chevron next to the document title in Weblearn.

Staff are able to access feedback that explains how accessible their course documents are considered to be. Step by step instructions are provided that take them through how to improve course document accessibility. Staff will see a gauge icon next to each course document which clicks through to a file accessibility panel providing information on the file’s accessibility.

Link to Ally Overview videoIf you’d like more information about Ally, watch this short video overview for students, or contact vletraining@londonmet.ac.uk for advice on making Weblearn more accessible.


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