V-L-Easy! Day 6 – Course Sites

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As part of the countdown to the festive season, the VLE team and CPED are sharing their ideas for simple tools or techniques that can make life easier for lecturers and their students. So far, we’ve explored some of the extra functionality of Weblearn: CollaborateAlly, Student Preview, and Grade Centre Smart Views. We also demonstrated some software suitable for classroom use: Nureva Span.

Today, we consider how you already have a platform at your disposal to increase course cohesion, and minimise repetitive publishing of material across Modules.

Course Sites

Weblearn is not just host to Module areas for distributing learning materials, or receiving electronic submission of assignments. Weblearn is also host to Course Sites –areas dedicated to each London Met course. Membership of the Course Site encompasses all students in all levels of your course. In addition, staff involved in delivering or supporting the course can be added. This means that Course Sites are the perfect channel for communicating with all the course stakeholders.

If you have procedures or guidelines that are common to many modules on the course, you can post these on the Course Site instead of repeatedly uploading them to separate module spaces. You may wish to promote an event or opportunity to all students. Alternatively, you can publish information about careers on the Course Site; it may be of particular interest to finalists. However first and second years can preview this in readiness for later in the course.

By default, Course Sites also include several Help and Support pages that gather the latest advice and guidance for all students. You will never need to investigate the Academic Regulations, or library opening hours, or the contact details of the gym in order to share this with your students, because the information is maintained centrally.

A Course Site can be used to forge a sense of shared identity that extends beyond the level of the module-lecture or seminar-group. It can be used to celebrate the achievements of continuing students and set expectations for new students.

If you would like more information on how to get the most out of your Course Site, please contact vletraining@londonmet.ac.uk .


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