Weblearn Tests and Quizzes

Whether it is for formative or summative purposes, Weblearn Tests is the perfect tool for academics that want to proactively measure student understanding throughout the development of a module, gauge their overall progress, participation and engagement, as well as, gather data for research or publication purposes. Advanced features such as “Column and Attempt statistics”, as well as, “Item Analysis”, empower academics to monitor overall class performance, average and individual scores and distribution of student responses for each question.From the student’s point of view, Weblearn Tests, provide an added opportunity for them to consolidate on key aspects of their learning journey by gaining added “friction” with key content. Perhaps even more importantly so – on an academic level – Weblearn Tests assist students activate their Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and sharpen their ability to self-evaluate their performance and overall progress in a module.

Academics can choose from within 17 different types of questions when it comes to deploying Tests:
• Calculated Formula Questions
• Calculated Numeric Questions
• Either/Or Questions
• Essay Questions
• File Response Questions
• Fill in Multiple Blanks Questions
• Fill in the Blank Questions
• Hot Spot Questions
• Jumbled Sentence Questions
• Matching Questions
• Multiple Answer Questions
• Multiple Choice Questions
• Opinion Scale and Likert Questions
• Ordering Questions
• Quiz Bowl Questions
• Short Answer Questions
• True/False Questions

The process of creating and deploying a Test is very simple and basically starts off by creating an empty Test Canvas that will “house” your Questions. Next up, users create questions or add existing questions from other tests or even a .txt file. The 3rd step is to visit the content area to deploy the actual Test by creating a live link and then proceed in the final step, which is to “fine tune” the options menu by setting the “make visible/start” date, “due date”, timers, number of attempts, marking criteria, scoring bandwidth, images, extra credit, as well as, how questions and feedback appear to students.Click on the image below to access a short video that will guide you through the process of drafting and deploying your first Weblearn Test/Spot Quiz.Weblearn Tests


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