Weblearn Upgrade 27-29 June 2020

Weblearn will be unavailable from 1am on Sat 27 June until Mon 29 June as we move to the most up-to-date version of Blackboard Learn.

Weblearn downtime – 27th to 29th June

The work will start at 1am on Sat 27th and should be completed by Mon 29th June. Weblearn will be unavailable to users during the upgrade. We will aim to make the system available again as soon as possible on Monday.

What is included in the yearly upgrade?

As part of the upgrade, Weblearn is moving to a cloud hosting platform called Blackboard SaaS (Software as a Service).

No more downtime for upgrades!

Applications need to be upgraded regularly to get access to improved or new functionality and to make sure they remain secure. Since updating a large application like Weblearn takes a fair amount of time, we currently need 2-3 days downtime to apply an upgrade.

Once we’re on SaaS hosting, upgrades can be applied throughout the year in small increments without the need for 2-3 days downtime over summer.

What else is changing?

The upgrade consists mainly of bug fixes and security updates, and Weblearn will look the same as before.

Grading Weblearn assignments – moving from Box View to Annotate

On June 22nd Blackboard will change the current Inline Grading tool for Weblearn Assignments (not Turnitin) from Box View to a new tool called Annotate. Annotate will provide improved functionality and all pre-existing annotations created through Box View will be migrated and visible in Bb Annotate.

View the full Bb Annotate infromation


Bb Annotate for Weblearn Asignments

On 22 June Weblelarn Assignments (not Turnitin) will transfer to Bb Annotate, the new inline grading tool provided by Blackboard. The transfer will take a few days to complete and you can continue to access and work on assignments during this period.

An example submission in the annotate view

Annotate was created in partnership with institutions across the globe and it will replace the Box View grading tool. The new customisable feature set includes:

  • Selection of document view settings
  • Comments (similar to the Turnitin Bubble Comments)
  • Annotation tools such as free hand drawing, shapes, highlighter pen, customisable stamps/images and text
  • Content library of reusable comments
  • Search feature
  • Print or download annotated submissions
  • Various colour selections, and more.

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