Bb Annotate for Weblearn Asignments

On 22 June Weblelarn Assignments (not Turnitin) will transfer to Bb Annotate, the new inline grading tool provided by Blackboard. The transfer will take a few days to complete and you can continue to access and work on assignments during this period.

An example submission in the annotate view

Annotate was created in partnership with institutions across the globe and it will replace the Box View grading tool. The new customisable feature set includes:

  • Selection of document view settings
  • Comments (similar to the Turnitin Bubble Comments)
  • Annotation tools such as free hand drawing, shapes, highlighter pen, customisable stamps/images and text
  • Content library of reusable comments
  • Search feature
  • Print or download annotated submissions
  • Various colour selections, and more.

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Frequently asked questions


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