Summer Weblearn Update

On Wed 30 June at 4:30pm Weblearn will be updated to incorporate the Ultra Base Navigation (UBN).

UBN delivers the information you need, the way you want it. The most critical information from all your modules and organisations is right at your fingertips. With a modern design, timesaving tools, and the ability to take action with one click – the Ultra Base Navigation will help you save time and stay on top of what’s important.

What will the change look like?

The current Weblearn Home page will be replaced by a menu on the left that allows you to access essential functions in one click.

screenshot of activity stream

You’ll find all of your modules and organisations under links on the new menu

When you access a module, it will open as a layer over the new Ultra Base Navigation menu. Everything in the module will be exactly the same as on our current Weblearn version.

screenshot of original module


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