New Ultra Base Navigation (Staff)

Ultra Base Navigation provides a new way to navigate Weblearn and access global tools. There will be no change to modules or content.

Module Request Form

The module and course site request form has moved and is now available via the Institution page:


As default you will receive notifications for all activities on Weblearn. If you find you are receiving too many notifications you can choose which notifications you would like to receive or switch off.

Managing Module Page

Modules are grouped by term and listed in alphabetical order within that term as default. The modules page provides new features so users can locate modules more easily. The new features include:

  • Search box: enter the module code or name to locate a specific module
  • View modules in a Term: use the dropdown menu to select the term you would like to view the modules for
  • Favourites: select the star icon on the module page to move the module to the top of the modules list.

Assessments: Student Activity Report

The Student Activity Report is available for Weblearn Assignments, Tests and Discussion Boards (Turnitin is not included). It provides an insight into the assessment including overview information and details about individual student performance.

Access the report from the options menu on the assessment:

The report allows you to view when a student opened an assessment, started submitting and the time the submission was completed.

Module/Organisation Banners

Customise your module or course site by adding a banner. The banners are visible in two locations in Weblearn, on the Modules page in the tile view, and on the module entry page.


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