Turnitin LTI integration – changes for 2021/22

Turnitin is moving to a new way of providing access to Turnitin through Weblearn called Turnitin LTI integration. The LTI integration is more robust than our current integration and has a simplified interface and improved dialogue for students when uploading.

The new integration is already available on Weblearn and you can start using it right away for your 2021/22 online submissions or wait until the Spring semester to make the switch.

This change does not affect the Turnitin feedback studio, so marking processes and viewing similarity reports remain the same.

Support and training

For an overview of the changes, sign up for a “Turnitin LTI: creating and managing assignments” session available at vletraining.eventbrite.co.uk

Support materials will appear soon on the Learning Technology Support pages

Why is this change happening now?

Our current integration (called Turnitin Basic Building Block) will stop working in January 2023 and users will no longer be able to access Turnitin assignments submitted through the Basic Integration after that date. To make sure that all submissions made in 2021/22 can be accessed for at least 12 month after the original deadline, we need to disable submissions to Turnitin Basic from February 2022.

You can continue using the Basic Integration until January 2022, at which point we will switch the Basic Integration into a ‘read-only’ mode.

Submissions made through the LTI integration will remain available for staff for 24 months after a module has completed

Key dates

  • Sept 2021: new Turnitin LTI integration is available through Weblearn
  • Feb 2022: current Turnitin Basic is switched off and will allow ‘read only’ access to previous submissions
  • Jan 2023: Turnitin Basics will be removed from Weblearn and users can no longer access submissions made through the Basic integration.

Training for the new version will be scheduled from teaching week 2.

What’s new?

The way you access the option to create assignments and access the Turnitin Inbox (student submissions) has changed and will look slightly different, but you will already be familiar with most of the assignment settings.

Creating Assignments

The create assignment option is now under the ‘Build Content’ drop down menu:

The build content dropdown menu expanded with the Turnitin option highlighted

Managing assignments

The changes include

  • Access Assignment inbox directly from Assignment link
  • Weblearn preview user can be used to test submission as a student
  • Marking groups are more tightly integrated and can be easily accessed from the assignment inbox
  • Some configuration settings can’t be changed once the assignment has been set up

Accessing LTI assignments

In the Turnitin Basic integration, instructors need to access the assignments from Module Management > Module Tools > Turnitin Assignments.

That link doesn’t exist for the LTI integration, and instructors can access the assignment inbox by simply clicking on the assignment on ‘Online Submission’

An example turnitin assignment

The Turnitin Assignment inbox has simplified workflows and a new look and feel.

an example turnitin inbox with an example student displaying





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