V-L-Easy! Day 2 – Collaborate

VLEasy day 2 banner image

As part of the countdown to the festive season, the Weblearn team and CPED are sharing their ideas for simple tools or techniques that can make life easier for lecturers and their students.
Each day, we are posting a blog entry with some brief tips for lecturers together with links to further information including video guides or web-based resources.Yesterday, we showed how ‘Student Preview’ can imitate the student experience of your Weblearn module. Today, we remind you of a web-conferencing tool that is integrated directly into Weblearn.


As a busy lecturer, you might like to travel less between campuses to attend meetings. You may also like to provide contact-time for students without involving a commute for either party. Collaborate can help with these scenarios and others.

Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool that is part of Weblearn. It can be used like FaceTime or Skype: for one-to-one conversations. However, Collaborate can also accommodate many dozens – even hundreds – of simultaneous participants. This makes it ideal for larger virtual meetings, web-conferences, or other online teaching and learning activities. It is not exclusively designed for distance learning. Collaborate can extend your face-to-face delivery as a cloud-based environment for hosting seminars, revision sessions or ‘drop-in’ office hours.

Link to video of a Collaborate MeetingWatch this video (12m30s) of setting-up a Collaborate Meeting, using the chat panel and sharing files on-screen.

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