V-L-Easy! Day 5 – Nureva Span

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As part of the countdown to the festive season, the VLE team and CPED are sharing their ideas for simple tools or techniques that can make life easier for lecturers and their students. So far, we’ve explored some of the extra functionality of Weblearn: CollaborateAlly, Student Preview, and Grade Centre Smart Views.

Today, we consider one of the cool bits of software that is not part of the VLE, but which may be an exciting or interactive addition to classroom teaching.

Nureva Span

If you are in the habit of distributing post-it notes to your students, in order for them to write a note and display or group it on a wall, then you may be interested in a digital platform that can do this, and much more.

Link to Span video

Nureva Span software enables active student collaboration via a shared panoramic canvas. The canvas acts as a surface onto which you can attach notes and photos, as well as hyperlinks, sketches or large text blocks. Watch this video overview for more information.

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Nureva Span: using the collaboration software with students

Psychology lecturers from London Met made use of Nureva Span, London Met’s new collaboration software, in their first lecture with new students.

First year students took part in a ‘Treasure Hunt’ that exploited the real-time, media-rich, collaborative nature of the software’s collaborative canvases. To orientate themselves to the campus, the student teams were tasked with locating their scheduled teaching rooms, and capturing photographic evidence. Each Nureva Span canvas has a ‘Quick-share’ feature which allows participants to easily send a note or photo from their phones. On locating each room, the teams used QuickShare to post their selfies immediately to the shared canvas.

Photo of students taking group selfies across campus

This team share their photos using the Quick-share feature of Nureva Span.

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