V-L-Easy! Day 9 – Create simple videos

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As part of the countdown to the festive season, the Weblearn team and CPED are sharing their ideas for simple tools or techniques that can make life easier for lecturers and their students. So far, we have explored CollaborateAlly, Student Preview,  Grade Centre Smart ViewsNureva SpanCourse Sites, Weblearn Groups and alternative assessment tools.
Today we look at a tool that can be used to record lectures, but also to generate rich media for sharing via Weblearn

Creating simple video using Techsmith Relay

At every desk and in every classroom, lecturers have at their disposal the tools to create lively and engaging videos. Techsmith Relay, available across the network, is software which records the computer display and submits the resulting video to MEDIAL – the London Met media server. Typically, the tool is used to capture lectures, but it used to produce simple videos combining anything displayed on your computer screen with a spoken commentary recorded via the PC’s microphone. If you have a webcam on your desktop computer, you can also create ‘Talking head’ videos.

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