Introducing Jenni Rockliff and the TUC Library Poster Collection



My name is Jenni Rockliff, my normal day job is in the Information Service at the TUC, Congress House.

I have been volunteering one day a week at the TUC Library Collections, for over a year now, working on a project to list all the posters held in the Collections.

For the last few months, I have been working my way through the substantial number of posters from World War II. These include a series of posters which appear to be from the Ministry of Information and were produced for French speakers.

The following two posters really caught my eye. Partly because it they hint at the contribution made by people from the Commonwealth countries, to the war effort and for the wonderful expressions on the faces of the men.

Barrage Balloon CrewThese men appear to be from a team working with barrage balloons. The man telling the story is from Nigeria.

Prisoner of War Guard

This soldier from an Indian Regiment is watching over Italian prisoners of war who are filling water containers.


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