Banging Out: Fleet Street Remembered


Digital: Works, an educational charity, have just launched their new documentary about the print industry and Fleet Street, available fromĀ

They have been running a project with two London primary schools exploring the working lives of people in the print industry. The children have been doing research, met former printers, spent a day with former printers learning letterpress, and then learnt filming and interview skills which they used with questions they developed to conduct a series of oral history interviews with 22 people about their working lives.

These interviews have being edited along with archive photographs and video footage to make a 40 minute film which allows the workers themselves to speak about their working history and also the Wapping dispute.

The film covers stories of life on Fleet Street, working conditions, stories of brushes with newspaper owners, and lots of eye witness stuff about Wapping. The final film will be shown on TV, on the internet, film festivals, at schools, and anywhere anyone wants to show it.

DVDs are available of the film.

These are some of the children from two local schools who were involved in making the film.




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