New BBC series Heirloom Detectives visits TUC Library!


Filming for “Heirloom Detectives” in the TUC Library

Filming for a new BBC series has been taking place in the TUC Library. Heirloom Detectives, a spin off from the Antiques Roadshow, were visiting the TUC Library to investigate the history of the Order of Industrial Heroism. The award was given for bravery and courage at work, particularly for selfless acts to protect others during industrial accidents. The award was instituted by the Daily Herald newspaper in 1923 when the paper was jointly owned by the TUC (it later became The Sun). In total 440 awards were presented and it became known as the “Workers’ VC”.

The TUC Library contains a file relating to all 440 recipients of the award, in addition to other documents, correspondence, scrapbooks and a copy of the award itself. The BBC were visiting to view the files relating to a particular recipient of the award in the 1930s. The series is due to be screened at some point in the spring of 2015.

The Order of Industrial Heroism medal and certificate

If you are interested in the award you can find more information and a complete list of the recipients on our history website.

Or you can contact the library on 020 7133 3726 or


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