Spotlight on Cuba in the TUC Library


With news this week that diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba are thawing, we thought we would turn the spotlight on the Cuba collections in the library.

The library contains historical collections from both pre- and post-revolution Cuba. The material includes leaflets, reports, propaganda in support of the 1959 revolution and international material in opposition to the Castro regime.

A small selection of the historical material on Cuba

The library also holds material specifically on the the subject of the labour and trade union movement in Cuba and the effects on trade union rights in the country following the 1959 revolution. This includes material from Cuban unions themselves and also studies and reports from international organisations or delegations visiting Cuba from British trade unions, etc. An example is this pamphlet produced by the Institute for Employment Rights:

Research pamphlet on Cuban unions produced by the Institute of Employment Rights, 2011

The collection also includes UK material in support of specific campaigns for solidarity with Cuban workers against the US trade embargo or in support of Cubans imprisoned in the US, such as the so-called ‘Miami Five’:

If you would like to know more about what the TUC Library holds in relation to Cuba (or any other country) get in touch at or 020 7133 3726.

You may also be interested in our Research Source Note on the Caribbean area (PDF).


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