Spotlight on the civil aviation material in the TUC Library


A selection of recent material produced by the Unite union on the subject of the aviation industry

Last week we welcomed some of the University’s civil aviation students for a tour round the library. Although aviation may not be a research area that would immediately be associated with the TUC Library, we actually have a rich collection of material related to the industry. The TUC and the wider labour movement have taken an active interest in the development of the aviation industry throughout the 20th century in respect of its impact on infrastructure, industrial and economic policy.

The collection contains material on the development of the civil aviation industry from the 1910s onwards, the labour conditions in the industry, and we have a particularly good collection relating to the development of airport policy and the siting of airports, etc.

The collection also contains material from the various trade unions that represent workers in the industry. These range from the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), to Unite (representing cabin crew, for example) and other general unions, such as GMB, representing aviation workers on the ground. Customs and Border Agency staff working in airports will be represented by unions such as Public and Commercial Services (PCS).

International flight timetable produced by the LEP Transport Co. Ltd, 1926

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