TUC centenary celebrations, 1968


In our last blog post we focused on the first Trades Union Congress in 1868.

In this post we discover how the TUC celebrated its centenary in 1968. Events mainly took place in June in both London and Manchester – the site of the first Congress. There were also a number of celebrations held in September 1968 at the TUC’s annual congress of that year in Blackpool.

In Manchester a plaque was unveiled on the building that hosted the first Congress and an evening of music and celebrations took place at the Kings Hall concert venue at  Belle Vue.

In London there was a concert at the Royal Festival Hall, including a performance of a specially commissioned Centenary March.

Music and brochures produced for the TUC centenary performances in London and Manchester, 1968

A banquet took place at the Guildhall in the City of London, attended by the Queen. A special centenary edition of “Labour” magazine was produced that carried a photograph of the banquet on its front page (see below).

The Queen addressing the attendees at the Guildhall banquet

Other events included an exhibition staged at the TUC’s headquarters, Congress House, and the publication of a pictorial history of the TUC.

The TUC also entered into a partnership with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and established an Institute for Occupational Health. The Institute promoted research and epidemiological surveys of occupational health and offered an information and investigatory service to unions.

A brochure promoting the Institute of Occupational Health


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