What will be the impact of the Government’s tax credit and benefit changes?


A selection of publications of the subject of welfare and benefits, from organisations such as the TUC and the Labour Research Department.

The debate on the issue of cuts to the welfare bill has taken centre stage in recent days. Some argue that the changes are necessary to secure economic recovery and incentive work, whilst others attack the government for downplaying the effect of cuts to tax credits on poor working families. The controversy sparked by the impassioned attack on Question Time from a Tory voter aimed at a Conservative minister has highlighted the emotive nature of the issue.

The TUC Library contains a wide range of publications on the tax, welfare and benefit changes that have been implemented in recent years. Many of these have been published by the TUC, not only on the subject of tax credits…

TUC publication on tax credits

But also on how the introduction of Universal Credit is being implemented….

“Will Universal Credit Work?” by the TUC, 2013

And the impact of the changes to Child Benefit…

“Eroding Child Benefit”, by the TUC, 2015

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