International Women’s Day 2016


Recent publications from the TUC on the economic position of women.

Last year, to mark International Women’s Day, we posted two blogs providing an introduction to the historical collections relating to women workers in the TUC Library. You can see the posts here and here.

This year, we focus on more contemporary issues relating to women at work. In recent years the TUC has produced a number of reports analysing how the recession and austerity have particularly affected women (see some examples in the photo above). Recent research also highlights the reduced pension benefits that women accrue during the course of their careers and the impact of motherhood on pay differentials. The issue of equal pay for women has a long history and in 2008 the TUC Library launched a website dedicated to this subject. Winning Equal Pay: the Value of Women’s Work contains videos that document influential equal pay strikes throughout the 20th century, as well as hundreds of images and documents selected from the library collections.

In addition to the website resources, the TUC Library continues to collect a wide range of reports and publications on the subjects of equal pay and issues affecting women at work (see a selection below).

A small selection of recent equal pay material

To find out more about the material we hold, or to make an appointment to visit, get in touch.


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