Ada Salter Day – Saturday 16th July


This Saturday Southwark and Bermondsey in south London mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ada Salter (1866-1942) – social reformer, pacifist, Quaker and first woman mayor in London.

Salter moved to Bermondsey in 1897 to take part in the Settlement Movement, a form of social reform that advocated the mixing of social classes and the provision of health and educational services in settlement houses located in poor areas. The TUC Library has a collection of material related to the educational settlement movement:

Salter was also politically active, first with the Liberal Party, but later with the Independent Labour Party. In 1906 she co-founded, and was later President of, the Women’s Labour League. The TUC Library holds a collection of the League’s reports and publications, along with those of similar organisations with which it worked, such as the National Federation of Women Workers:

Salter was active in Bermondsey during the spate of strikes that erupted in 1911. The image below is from our Union Makes Us Strong website and shows a strike at Pink’s jam factory in Bermondsey in 1911:

As an internationalist and pacifist, Salter was also involved in the foundation of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in 1915. The photo below includes Salter at the second congress of the League in 1919:

Events to mark Salter’s anniversary start on Friday evening and continue during the day on Saturday. A full programme can be seen by downloading the flyer here.

For more information about the TUC Library’s material, get in touch.



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