TUC annual Congress in Brighton


Clement Attlee (second left) with General Secretary of the TUC, Vincent Tewson (second right), at the 1946 Congress in Brighton.

The annual TUC Congress takes place in Brighton next week, from Sunday 11th – Wednesday 14th September. The TUC has a long association with the seaside town as a conference venue. It first held its Congress in Brighton in 1933 and, particularly from the 1950s onwards, has regularly held its Congress there.

In 1946 the newly elected Labour leader Clement Attlee attended the TUC Congress in Brighton (see photo above).

The photo below shows a card vote during the 1963 Congress in Brighton, a congress that discussed motions on topics such as: trade union recognition; private contracting in public services; equal pay; training of apprentices and youths; workers’ participation in management.

Voting at the 1963 TUC Congress in Brighton.

At the 1976 Congress in Brighton motions discussed the Health and Safety at Work Act which had been passed by Parliament in 1974. Outside the Congress a lobby took place of c.1000 workers from the Grain Power Station in Kent, who were objecting to the use of asbestos at the site (see photo below). Many of the workers had been sacked by a company at the Power Station for refusing to work with asbestos without protective clothing. The dispute eventually ended six months later with the intervention of the Health and Safety Executive. Coincidentally, the Grain Power Station in Kent was demolished in a controlled explosion yesterday (September 7th).

Asbestos lobby at the 1976 Congress in Brighton.

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