Library Collections: Artists’ Books

Press Digit Air, David Skingle 1994 (cover)

Press Digit Air, David Skingle 1994 (cover)

Behind the counter at Commercial Road Library we have a large collection of artists’ books. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, an artist’s book can be defined as: a book, or object with book characteristics, that is intended as a work of art in itself.
Our collection of over 200 books dates back to Coracle Press publications from the early 1970s. The form, materials and  construction of ‘the book’ have been re-interpreted in every way imaginable and the content ranges from the inside patterns of envelopes to a dense layering of images on transparent pages.

Finding Artists’ Books: browse the illustrated list in the Library (please ask) or use the Library Catalogue Advanced Keyword Search. If you put an * in the first field, as below, a complete listing of artists’ books will be returned.

Artists books search for all method


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