Read LondonMet academics 3: Dr Paul Cobley

Dr Paul Cobley, Professor of Semiotics and Communications is now based at Ladbroke House but for many years he taught Sir John Cass Art Media and Design students.

Read his publications to improve your understanding of the vocabulary and theory of semiotics, communication and genre. Besides helping with written work, this knowledge could add an extra dimension to your art and design practice and be impressive in tutorials.

Publications written or edited by Paul are available from the Library. There is a selection below, find them on the Library catalogue. A list other publications is available on this research page

*The American thriller: generic innovation and social change in the 1970s, Paul Cobley         (e-book)
*The Communication Theory Reader, Paul Cobley
*Introducing semiotics, Paul Cobley & Litza Jansz
*The media: an introduction, 3rd edn. Daniele Albertazzi & Paul Cobley
*Narrative, Paul Cobley (also available, in edited form, on Google books)
*Realism for the 21st century: a John Deely reader, ed. Paul Cobley
*The Routledge companion to semiotics, ed. Paul Cobley (e-book)
*Routledge companion to semiotics and linguistics, ed. Paul Cobley (e-book)
*Semiotics for beginners, Paul Cobley & Litza Jansz
*Communication theories : critical concepts in media and cultural studies. Vol.1-4
ed. Paul Cobley (short loan at Ladbroke House Library)




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