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Rem Koolhaas
Rem Koolhaas

Barbican Exhibition to 19th February 2012

Rem Koolhaas and the Office Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)

Public access to OMA projects, books, digital library with talks from the architects + private space = £8 entrance (online booking) to upstairs exhibition

Innovative use of the ‘West Entrance’ of the Barbican’s unique Art Gallery make this architectural show exciting and thought provoking.

Rem Koolhaas talks in the ‘Harvard Project on the City‘ about the future of the city and the effect of the market economy.

The course included a site visit to the area as well as exhaustive library research in which each student took responsibility for investigating a different aspect of the region. The reports, constituting the eight students’ master’s theses, will be brought together to form a single volume, which Koolhaas hopes to publish.

Great leap forward / editors, Chuihua Judy Chung … [et al.]

He observes the shift away from public concerns to private interests and the material slowness of any architectural project to respond. He observes his own ignorance in the face of other disciplines and cultures with regard to cityscapes.  He speaks of how ‘marooned’ architecture has become by it very own design ethos and that life events outpace it. Inspiring and challenging words. He also challenges Harvard’s teaching of architecture.

Western entrance

Barbican Art Gallery Entrance

Barbican Western entrance

Barbican Art Gallery


Books we have by and about Rem Koolhaas in the Library at Holloway Road and Commercial Road



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