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Maurice Mitchell, Opening Queue

Maurice Mitchell, Opening Queue

Maurice Mitchell is Professor of Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources in the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design at LondonMet where he runs a Diploma Studio where students base their design work on research carried out during an annual field trip to a transitional urban community.

Maurice’s  work and research in Ghana, Sudan, India and Kosovo has informed his architectural practice, teaching and writing. His writing focuses on building for development, the interplay of cultural and technical issues in the built environment and the importance of making within architectural education.

To read more you can borrow the following publications from the Library (catalogue)

  • Culture, Cash and Housing : community and tradition in low-income building, Maurice Mitchell & Andy Bevan. 1992.
  • Learning from Delhi : dispersed initiatives in changing urban landscapes, Maurice Mitchell, Shamoon Patwari and Bo Tang, 2010.
  • The Lemonade Stand : exploring the unfamiliar by building large-scale models, Maurice Mitchell, 1998.
  • Rebuilding Community in Kosovo, Maurice Mitchell, 2003
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