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Bob and Roberta SmithPatrick Brill is a lecturer in the Sir John Cass Department of Art Media & Design and  makes art under the invented personae of Bob and Roberta Smith. B&R have exhibited worldwide, are Turner Prize-shortlisted, created a Christmas tree for Tate Britain and a short-listed installation for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Bob and Roberta are known for their distinctive lettering that brings to mind school exercise-book doodling. The confrontational slogans tackle art, politics and popular culture with a subversive humor. Installation, sculpture and performance are also used to tackle established ideas.

The Cass Research webpage

Bob and Roberta Smith website

Commercial Road Library holds a number of books and a DVD about and by Bob and Roberta Smith. Find them on the Library catalogue. The most recent publication , a comprehensive monograph titled  ‘I should Be In Charge’ should be added to stock  shortly.

The best advertising and design in the world : everything is made (art direction), 2010

Hijack reality: Deptford X: a ‘how to guide’ to running a really top-notch art festival; introduction by Matthew Collings, 2009

Art and text, (essay) ed. Aimee Selby, 2009

Art u need: my part in the public art revolution, 2007

Hearing voices,  seeing things: a Serpentine Gallery project, with Jessica Voors, 2006

Bob and Roberta Smith: help build the ruins of democracy (DVD), 2005

Make your own damn art;forward by Horst Griese interview by Matthew Collings, 2004

A is for book: a colouring in book, 2001




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