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Robert Harbison

Robert Harbison, Travels in the History of Architecture, Reaktion Books, London, 2009

Robert Harbison lectures on MA Architectural History,Theory and Interpretation at LondonMet.  He grew up and studied in the USA. Since he arrived in England in the 1970s he has lectured, written and published extensively on themes ranging from architecture, gardens, imagination, primitivism and narrative, travel and the Baroque. Read more about Robert on the course webpage

Search the LondonMet Library catalogue to find books or access e-books by Robert including:

  • Travels in the history of architecture, 2009. (e-book)
  • Reflections on Baroque, 2000.
  • Creatures from the mind of the engineer : the architecture of Santiago Calatrava,with photographs by Paolo Rosselli,1992.
  • The built, the unbuilt, and the unbuildable : in pursuit of architectural meaning, 1991.
  • Deliberate regression : the disastrous history of Romantic individualism in thought.., 1980.
  • The Shell guide to English parish churches, 1992.
  • Eccentric spaces, 1977.

Collaborations & essays

  • 4 & 1 Peter Salter: building projects,essays by Andrew Higgott,Robert Harbison & Peter Beardsell, 2000.
  • The Italian garden; photographs by Geoffrey James; essay by Robert Harbison, 1991.

Articles and Reviews


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