Helen Britton jewellery at Brick Lane

Helen Britton brooch

photo by Dirk Eisel, courtesy of Helen Britton

I visited Helen Britton’s exhibition
‘Industrial 2′  at Galerie SO, Brick Lane
(until 10th June 2012)

Steelworks in the jeweller’s home town have inspired the forms and finishes of the exquisitely constructed pieces. The work will be inspiring for jewellers, artists and designers; don’t miss it! See more of Helen Britton’s work on Klimt02

“A tiny girl stands in an enormous factory. They are casting steel: steel for ships, steel for the mines. Nearby the ships will be built; that she knows. The steel pours, the men like ants in scale, the heat, the stench, the noise, it leaves a strong impression……” Read more on the gallery website


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