The Designer’s Craft

The Designer's CraftPublic Lecture: 19th February 5.30pm The Designer’s Craft. Why are the Design and Crafts worlds traditionally perceived as opposing each other? Lecture by Aidan Walker, Venue Room 100, Commercial Road.

Aidan Walker has been editing design magazines, writing about design and putting on conferences and seminars for designers for more than 20 years. His own chequered background includes a 10-year stint as a cabinetmaker, which gave him an enthusiasm for and some insight into the meaning of craft. Drawn from both the design and the craft worlds, the lecture explores the relationship between the two and asks why they are traditionally perceived as opposing each other, or at least cast in different and unrelated moulds. The intention is that listeners see the wider, human – or humane – resonance in the concept of craft and apply it to enrich their own work.

Several publications by Aidan Walker available from Commercial Road Library and his more recent writing is available on his website


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