Florian Beigel wins Berlin Grand Art Prize

Professor Florian Beigel of the Architecture Research Unit (ARU) at The Cass School of Architecture has been selected to receive the Grand Berlin Art Prize 2013. Read more about the award on The CASS website

Find out more about Florian Beigel’s architectural work; the following print and e-books are available for loan or online from the library.

Cultivation and culture Beigel, Florian, 2012 (two copies on order)

Urban figures : Alexander Bank, Florian Beigel, Philip Christou, Peter Märkli, 2011

Architecture as city : Saemangeum Island City : Florian Beigel and Philip Christou e-Resource, 2010

Florian Beigel and JongKyu Kim, 2004

Caravanserai : making a place for transitional urban dwellings:  Florian Beigel, Philip Chr, 2003

Time architecture : selected architectural works by Florian Beigel Architects & Architecture Research Unit , 2003

Outside in : Adjaye and Russell, Florian Beigel Architects, Caruso St. John, East, Tony Fretton, Mac, c 2000

Florian Biegel, 1996

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