TUC Collection Celebrates Emily Wilding Davison

22-5-14, Londres, arrestations de suffragettes : [photographie de presse] / [Agence Rol] from Europeana

Christine Coates Librarian of the TUC Library at LMU posted this on their Facebook

Trades Union Congress Library CollectionsToday marks the centenary of the protest by suffragette Emily Wilding Davison by stepping in front of George V’s horse at the Epsom Derby. This image is from a press cutting in our Workers’ Educational Association archive that lists all the floral tributes that were sent to Davison’s funeral. The WEA can be seen listed at the top. We also hold a number of other press cuttings relating to Davison’s suffrage activities and trade unions. Chris attended the Ink Now Cass event  and is very keen to promote the TUC’s wealth of posters.

INK Posters event held on 4th June by Cass

Ink Now: Posters, Collectives and Art

This is an evening of presentations and discussion about how posters have been used in different radical, political, feminist, collective and community settings. By looking at specific historical moments we hope to open up a conversation about radical ideas and collective practices in the contemporary art context.

Suzy Mackie and Pru Stevenson, founding members of the See Red Women’s Workshop Collective, which produced silkscreened feminist and community posters from c1974 up to the early 1990s, will show poster images and talk about why and how the collective was set up and the first 8 years.

Houses of Parliament event I attended.

National Portrait Gallery free Talk Sunday 30th June 3-3.30 pm

Meet in main hall to hear celebrated historian Lucinda Hawksley mark the centenary of Emily Wilding’s death by looking at radical women in the our national collection.



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