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Musical Instruments on display at London Metropolitan University

Haags Gemeentemuseum Guide to Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments in Public Collections of the World on Microfiche by Rob van Acht

This can now be viewed and printed on our new Digital Film Scanner. 

The SL1000 is a fast, simple, superior scanning solution viewed via PC software. 

Commercial Road Library also has access to the following resources now available in a friendly and sophisticated format capable of printing out very easily. A printed guide is kept at the counter to help you get started.
Heal’s Catalogues 1850-1950 
Miscellaneous Commercial Road

Drawings of Musical Instruments


Piano London Metropolitan University teaching department

Victoria and Albert Museum Collection Contents of Furniture and Woodwork
Jewellery Gallery in the Victoria and Albert Museum
Contemporary Women Artists: picture from the Women Artists Slide Library
Ceramics Monthly (microfiche holdings are not on our catalogue at present)
1799 Ceramics Monthly
V. 1-7 Jan. 1953-Dec. 1959
Cumulative Index 1-9
Reel 1
 1799 Ceramics Monthly
V. 8-15
Jan. 1960-Dec. 1967
Reel 2
 1799 Ceramics Monthly
V. 16-20
Jan. 1968-Dec. 1972
Reel 3
 1799.00 Ceramics Monthly
V. 21, 1-10
1973    Index
 1799.00 Ceramics Monthly
V. 22, 1-10
1974     Index
 1799.00 Ceramics Monthly
V. 23, 1-10
1975     Index

Library catalogue record only has the following at present 4th September 2014 and is in the process of being updated.

Title Ceramics monthly
Imprint Westerville, Ohio : American Ceramic Society
Lib Has Vol.25 no.3 (March 1977)-Vol.61, no.10 (Dec. 2013) [Missing : Vol.34 no.1 (January 1986) ; Vol.35 no.4 (April 1987) ; Vol.56 no.1 (January 2008)]



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