CASS Lunchtime Talks in Central House and Commercial Road

 CASS Working Lunch: All the creative practice you can eat!

Mondays 1pm Central House: Lunchbox Lectures (Host: CASS Fine Art)


Tuesdays 1pm Central House: YARD Lunchbox (Host: Architecture)


Thursdays 1pm Central House: Flash/FWD (Host: CASS Film/ CASS Music)

Fridays 1pm Commercial Road: Speakers Corner (Host: Design)


Check Cass website for details here

Kaye Newman says:

Hi Everyone,

Here are some really excellent talks that are taking place at The Cass. You can take your pick but don’t forget our very own Speakers Corner Every Friday Lunchtime!

1. CASS WORKING LUNCH talks: All the creative practice you can eat! 

Every studio day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday), there are now extra exciting professional preparation lectures, insider hints & tips and exposure to the creative industries running across the CASS. Take your lunch along to these every week! All welcome!

Mondays 1pm Central House: Lunchbox Lectures (Host: CASS Fine Art) events/2014/november/lunchbox- lectures-announcement

Tuesdays 1pm Central House: Yard Lunchbox (Host: Architecture)


 Thursdays 1pm Central House: Flash/FWD (Host: CASS Film/ CASS Music) events/2015/january/flash-fwd- lectures 

Fridays 1pm Commercial Road: Speakers Corner (Host: Design) events/2013/october/speakers- corner

2. Where am I? Discover the CASS Ever lost your way around the CASS? Wondered what was where and who your neighbours were? Trying to track down a workshop, studio or lecture and not sure where they are?

Our great new wayfinding systems in both Commercial Road & Central House are now nearly complete. Designed, made & installed by our very own brilliant CASS graduates & students, it’s now getting easier to find your way around and don’t forget to browse both buildings. The faculty is a sweetie shop if you only know where to look! Enjoy…

Watch this space for information on more activities & initiatives… For info of some of the activities & events, students & alumni who worked with us in the last 12-15 months, please look at: projects/projects/current1/ designshift

Best wishes from Charlotte, Cecile and Marianne


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