Florian Beigel Wins Honours from RIBA



Florian Beigel 2015

RIBA has awarded Florian the The Annie Spink Award for teachers  working on any internationally recognised RIBA course who are involved in the development of architectural education and engage with the process of teaching and learning.

Nominating Florian for the prestigious award , Professor Robert Mull said in his letter of commendation:

” Florian has taught at what is now London Metropolitan University since 1973 and has directed and delivered validated courses leading to RIBA part 1 and RIBA 2 throughout that period. He has also led the Architecture Research Unit (ARU) since 1979…for more

Florian responded

“It is a real honour to be given this award and recognition for one’s role as an educator in architecture. To those whom have generously nominated me for this award and given their backing with such enthusiasm, thank you. All through the years the aim has been to give the students a love and passion for architecture. I am an architect that likes to build, and I believe that it is important that the architectural works that I do with my colleagues can offer insights to students. Our practice (design as research) informs the teaching, and the teaching informs the practice. In this way, there has always been a balance between practice, research and teaching.

“I’d very much like to thank the many friends and colleagues who have collaborated with me and given their support in the Architecture Research Unit and the teaching through the years at the CASS. I’d particularly like to thank Philip Christou, whom I’ve taught together with and collaborated in practice for 30 years. Without him I could not have done it. It is for this reason that I’d like to dedicate this award to Philip.”

Cass academic and head of ARU awarded Akademie der Künste Berlin Art Prize 2013

Library has recently acquired Florian Beigel and Philip Christou : the idea of city 2013 


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