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Architectural Association school life 1950s

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Eleanor Gawne
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to d.chalk-birdsa.
Hi Daphne

Thank you for your email and for putting information about the lecture series on the London Met University’s blog etc.

I attach some photographs to illustrate the talks – none of the images are copyright free but I have included the credit lines for each of them (the third image belongs to the AA):

The caption for the first image is ‘Jane Drew and the twins, c.1937’. Credit for the image is courtesy of John Morrison.

The caption for the second image is ‘Re-painting East Wall with Ripolin’. Courtesy David Colaço Osorio.

The caption for the third image is ‘Jury, AA, 1950s’. Credit for the image is Architectural Association Photo Library.

Thanks again for your help with publicising the talks.
Best Eleanor

Eleanor Gawne
Architectural Association
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