“May the Fourth Be With You” Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day Commercial Road Exhibition of SCI-FI books

Commercial Road Library staff have really enjoyed putting together this fun new exhibition of SCI-FI books and the extraterrestial  influence on art, architecture and design to celebrate

Star Wars Day 4th of May

We couldn’t resist this Monday Bank Holiday passing by without wishing all our readers a simple message

May the Fourth Be With You!

Please see our new poster using our copyright free image from our fantastic digital online image database  - Bridgeman Education

Click Here  May The Fourth Be With You


Bridgeman Education – Online image database providing unlimited access to over 355,000 images, all copyright cleared for educational use by institutions, teachers, lecturers, librarians and students. Bridgeman Art Library represents over 17,000 museums, galleries and private collections, and over 30,000 artists. The comprehensive and eclectic range of images spans the curriculum, providing invaluable visual teaching and learning material on a variety of subjects, including: fine art, history, geography, politics, sociology, antiquity, literature and theatre, science and medicine, religion and philosophy.

Library hours this May 

“Star Wars” film holdings in the library


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