Open your mind to mental health

In Aldgate library we have put together a display of books on artists who portrayed mental illness, or who were considered ‘mad’ themselves. As we also have many law books here, you can also read about the mental health act, and how the law deals with mental health issues.

According to the mental health charity mind, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year, from depression and anxiety to OCD and eating disorders.

Bedlam, the Asylum and beyond, currently on at the Wellcome Collection explores the mental asylum and how it has shaped our views on mental health today. Various studies have claimed either artists/creative people  are more likely to suffer from mental illness or they are considered ‘mad’ because they think differently.

Bethlam Museum of the Mind in Beckenham ‘cares for an internationally renowned collection of archives, art and historic objects, which together offer an unparalleled resource to support the history of mental healthcare and treatment.’ It is open to the public, or it has some online resources available.

See this article from the Guardian for some key pieces from art history of artists portraying mental illness.

See the health and well being pages on the London Met website for advice on mental health and counselling services in the university.

image copyright London Metropolitan University

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