John Berger

To mark the death of art critic, essayist, novelist (as well as artist) John Berger on January 2nd, we have put a small display up of just a few of the many books we have in the library written by him, or containing essays by him.

His book ‘Ways of Seeing’ (based on his BBC TV series from the 1970′s criticising traditional western cultural aesthetics) is a staple on many art college reading lists, and at London Met we currently have 29 copies in our libraries, which have been borrowed over 1000 times between them in the last few years!

We also have the tv series available for loan on video (if you don’t own a video player there is one in Aldgate library where you can watch them!), but they are also available to watch digitally through Box of Broadcasts.

Guardian Obituary about John Berger.

image copyright London Metropolitan University

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