videos and cassettes

If you prefer your library material pre-digital, why not check out these events:

The Tiny Library at Peckham Pelican

On 18th March the Tiny Library, ‘ a travelling exhibition space that uses repurposed audio cassette carry cases, to showcase and distribute artists’ books, zines, prints and mix tapes across Europe’ comes to the Peckham Pelican. You can exchange artworks or take part in workshops.

ICA Video Library on until 16th April

The ICA’s Video Library (1981-1993) offered public access to over 1000 tapes. This display explores the role of public access collections, taking the ICA Video Library’s 1986 complete catalogue as a starting point. There is a series of events alongside the exhibition, including ‘Artists’ Film Club: Learning in a Public Medium: Library Live(s)‘ on 18th March.

Aldgate library contains some videos from the ICA’s collection, for example Locations of culture [videocassette] : discussing post-colonial culture. For copyright reasons, some videos cannot be recorded on to DVD, or are not available in another format, but fear not! We have a video player in the library if you need to watch any video cassettes from the collection.

image by Toby Hudson (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 au (], via Wikimedia Commons

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