Money Money Money

The new polymer £10 note featuring Jane Austen is to go into circulation on September the 14th, and the Bank of England Museum are commemorating the event with an exhibition exploring the literary connections of the bank.

Aldgate library has put together a display of items to commemorate this event, all about money! From books and films by Jane Austen, books on other characters featured on Bank of England notes, including Charles Darwin, Adam Smith and Sir Christopher Wren, to artists who use money in their work, such as J.S.G. Boggs. And what about some shredded money? Every year several hundred tons of used bank notes are shredded, and it can be used for compost, craft work and production of small items such as pencils – you can find samples in our Materials and Products Collection, produced by Mindsets.

As Economics is studied at London Met, there are a range of e-resources available to students for more money matters, see what’s available here.

image copyright London Metropolitan University

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