Libraries Week

This week (9-14th October) is the first ever libraries week (Replacing National Libraries Day – obviously a day is just not enough to celebrate all the wonderful libraries out there!).

Libraries up and down the country will be putting on extra events to encourage people to discover what they can do in their local (or Academic) library. As it coincides with the start of the new academic year, Aldgate Library has been buzzing  with library tours, to ensure new students get to know what’s on offer – did you know as well as books and computers, we have journals (magazines), DVDs and videos, a Materials and Products Library, drawing boards, light boxes, printing, photocopying, scanning and even a photography room?! And that’s not including the wealth of e-resources available too (check out your subject guide on the library webpages to discover more).

One of the collections we are promoting for libraries week is the Reading for Pleasure Collection, as this is an activity that has been proven to help students do better in their studies.

Other displays we have up include Study Skills, Graphic Design and a library themed one especially for libraries week. One journal titled ‘The private library’ (from 1965), even contains an article about book binding with human skin!! You never know what you will find in the library….

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