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Currently on at Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft, is an exhibition celebrating Max Gill and his extraordinary maps among many other art works.

There is a talk coming up this Tuesday 4th December at the St Brides Foundation, as part of ‘Type Tuesday’, in association with graphic design publication Eye Magazine,  (also available in Aldgate Library) discussing this exhibition and other map making wonders.

On the panel will be Artist/Illustrator Adam Dant, along with Caroline Walker, co-curator of the exhibition, as well as being Max Gills great niece.

Adam Dant meticulously illustrates alternative maps of London sites, among other things, and currently has an exhibition on at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green.

Read a post about Dant on the Spitalfields Life blog here .

In other map news,  the University of Chicago Press have collated together a library of  early maps titled  ‘The History of Cartography’, featuring many rare and unusual maps from around the world, of which several volumes are available for download for free. Read a post about the archive on My Modern Met blog here.

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