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As July is International Zine Month, it’s the perfect time to mention that the Tate Library is about to launch its zine collection, with a special event on Friday August 2nd, 12 -2pm. The Tate Library has been collecting zines for some time, as part of it’s artists’ book  collection, but it  is now being launched as its own distinct collection, to help raise the profile of these mostly self published documents. Everyone is welcome to the launch, which will include a show and tell introducing the collection, and a talk from zine artist Soofiya.

According to the British Library, which also have an extensive zine collection, zines (short for fanzine) ‘..were a form of independent personal publishing before the existence of websites, weblogs and myspace. Zines are not reliant on any publisher or mainstream distributor, not motivated by profit and not filtered through an editorial or regulatory board. In fact zines are less regulated and censored than many of their digital counterparts and are therefore an ideal space for free, uninhibited expression. Zines can be dedicated to any imaginable point of view, idea, phenomenon or thing.’

Other places with prominent zine collections include:

LCC (University of the Arts)

Glasgow School of Art

The National Poetry Library

List of zine collections on City University blog

See also:

Zine librarians interest group

Our own artists’ book collection and TUC collection in the Special Collection also has some zines. Contact  specialcollections@londonmet.ac.uk for further information.

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a selection of zines. Image by Teknad

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