Time to vote!

With the election fast approaching, we have put up a display in Aldgate library tying in Art and Politics (a vast subject!).

Did you know Parliament has its own art collection?¬† It is jointly owned by the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Some of the art works can be seen during tours of Parliament, however some are in areas not accessible to the public, but can be viewed in virtual tours on the website.¬† There are also some online exhibitions, including one on Elections & Voting, which has some information about ‘New Dawn’ a contemporary sculpture by Mary Branson commemorating the long campaign that led to some women getting the vote in 1918, and all women in 1928.

The People’s History Museum in Manchester¬† is the national museum of democracy, and you can find more information and objects related to voting here. Many objects can be found online, by searching their online collection, for example a quick keyword search under ‘democracy’ brings up over 230 items to explore, including political tokens, photographs, badges, leaflets and more.

Not forgetting of course, our own TUC (Trades Union Congress) Library, part of the Special Collections, which is the major research library for the study of trade unions, collective bargaining and labour history.

Art and Politics display at Aldgate Library












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