Vivienne Westwood

“A status symbol is a book. A very easy book to read is The Catcher in the Rye. Walk around with that under your arm, kids. That is status.”
Vivienne Westwood 1941-2022

We have been celebrating the life and work of iconic British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood with our new display at Aldgate Library.

As well as lots of books (pretty much every book you pick up about punk or fashion mentions her!), there are lots of online resources from the library you can use to find information about her, such as

Box of Broadcasts where you can access tv and radio programmes from over 75 free to air channels, which includes many documentarys and inerviews with Vivienne Westwood.

Bridgeman Education, where you can access images that are copyright cleared for educational use, inlcuing pictures of Vivienne, as well as some of her fashion designs.

Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive, which has a selection of many photographs of fashion shows etc, including Vivienne Westwood from the last few decades.

JSTOR for a selection of articles and images.

Vogue Archive for a selection of advertisements and articles across the last few decades.

All these resources require a current London Met username and password to enter, if you need help navigating any of the resources, book an appointment with the Academic Liasion Librarian for your subject.

Display of books on Vivienne Westwood and punk on a silver shelving unit against a dark blue wall. One of the books is yellow with a pink stripe acorss saying 'punk!' in black lettering.

Book display of Vivienne Westwood related items at Aldgate Library. Photo © London Met.












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